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Welcome and congratulations on finding LAMB SECURITY CONSULTANTS, INC. Please take a few moments to learn about a new twist on some old concepts in retail loss protection. LAMB SECURITY CONSULTANTS, INC. is all about customer service and providing you with the best possible service in Retail Loss Prevention.

LAMB SECURITY CONSULTANTS, INC. was developed on the concept that all businesses are not the same. In the area of Retail Loss Prevention, the small business operator can not compete with the established companies that have all of the latest devices to protect their assets from shrink. Nor do they have the large budgets or assets available to place these devices or hire an in house security person to assist them. It is our belief that at LAMB SECURITY CONSULTANTS, INC. with the assistance of the small business owner, we can develop and Retail Loss Prevention Program suited exclusively for them. At LAMB SECURITY CONSULTANTS, INC. we want to offer the small business operator the opportunity to have an expert on their side to take care of their Retail Loss Prevention needs.

In my discussions with small business owners, I have noticed that most small business owners going into business try to get their operations open as quickly as possible with little knowledge on controlling shrink in their locations. This is not a negative aspect of the new operator; it is just that in opening a business, the loss prevention controls are not as important as other business operational choices. Most businesses open with a limited budget that has to be divided into paying monthly bills, operational costs, advertising, utilities, and so on. At LAMB SECURITY CONSULTANTS, INC. we understand this and have developed Retail Loss Prevention Solutions to assist the small business operator. Whether you just opened your new business or have been open for a few years, we will analyze your business operation and assist you in developing a program suited just for you without drastically compromising your monthly income

At LAMB SECURITY CONSULTANTS, INC. we will offer you, the small business owner, an initial visit to work with you to discover your level of awareness in shrink reduction. Based on this initial visit, you may not need any assistance or maybe you will. We will offer you the training and education required to assist your company in controlling your valuable product. You worked very hard to open your business and spent a lot of time and money to make it work. Let LAMB SECURITY CONSULTANTS, INC. help you protect it. We offer training determining what shrink is and how to control it, provide shoplifter awareness training, how to identify dishonest employee theft, point of sale training, and electronic surveillance, if required. You make the choices; we will offer our services to be your Retail Loss Prevention solution.

When it comes to Retail Loss Prevention, you make the decisions, we supply the knowledge. Please make the decision to let us help you. Call us today!